Dr. Joshua Cohen Discusses Natural Eye Protection on The Ophthalmologist Site


Dr. Joshua recently contributed to an article about amniotic membranes.  In the article, titled "Natural Protection: Exploring the different types of amniotic membranes – and their clinical implications," Dr. Cohen discusses medications, dryness, discomfort, and amniotic membrane transplants (AMTs).

Here are a couple of excerpts:

What are the most common clinical indications that qualify a patient for an amniotic membrane transplant?

Amniotic membranes are a very useful tool for patients who are experiencing slow healing or non-healing epithelial keratopathy of the cornea.

Once you decide that the use of an AMT is appropriate, how do you decide which type of AMT to use?

For patients who have mild to moderate corneal disease, we will start with a dehydrated membrane. If that initial treatment doesn’t work, we will jump to a cryopreserved membrane.

Read the entitle article on The Ophthalmologist website here.