What is a “Laser Vision Specialist?”

A laser vision specialist is a refractive surgeon with the knowledge and skills to utilize the most advanced technologies available to help patients achieve optimal vision without corrective lenses.

Refractive surgery is the modern art of optimizing the eye’s anatomy for clear vision. Understanding how the eye functions is a fascinating and complicated endeavor that takes years of specialized education and training. All the physicians at CLVC are board-certified ophthalmic surgeons with additional subspecialty training in cornea, glaucoma, and refractive surgery.

Dr. G. Richard Cohen is a fellowship-trained cornea surgeon, who has imparted much of his wisdom and experience to his son, Joshua. Joshua himself brings new insights into the latest medical advancements and modern surgical techniques. Together, both doctors have over 40 years of experience in refractive surgery.

Since refractive surgery relies on focusing light, the transparent tissues of the eye are the primary areas of focus at CLVC. Those include the tear film, cornea, and lens. That’s why all our services including dry eye treatments, implanted lenses, laser surgery, and even eyelid surgery all work synergistically to allow all our patients to see their potential without glasses or contacts.

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G. Richard Cohen, MD - 1
G. Richard Cohen, MD
Meet the founder of Cohen Laser and Vision Center, who started the practice with a passion for helping people see their potential.
Joshua D. Cohen, MD
Joshua D. Cohen, MD
Dr. Joshua Cohen is the son of Dr. Richard Cohen and carries forward his father’s dedication to helping people see as clearly as possible.
Chad Kaplan, MD
Chad M. Kaplan, MD
Dr. Kaplan is a Board Certified ophthalmologist specializing in cataract and glaucoma surgery.
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