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KAMRA Specialist

Cohen Laser & Vision Center

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If you’re tired of wearing reading glasses every time you need to use your phone, work on the computer, or read anything, the KAMRA® corneal inlay could be perfect for you. This inlay is specially designed to reduce dependence on reading glasses for patients suffering from presbyopia (age-related near-vision problems). Experienced ophthalmologists G. Richard Cohen, MD, and Joshua Cohen, MD, offer KAMRA inlays to their Cohen Laser & Vision Center in Boca Raton, Florida. They’re the first, and only, South Florida clinic offering this state-of-the-art solution. Book your appointment online or by calling the office today.


What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is age-related changes in the way your eyes focus up close. Around age 40, your eye lens grows more rigid and loses some of its focusing power. As a result, light rays from nearby objects aren’t focused on your retina and you have problems with near vision.

Presbyopia typically causes problems with reading and other things you do close to your face. When you have presbyopia, moving something away from your face might help you to see it more clearly, but you might have to hold a book at arm’s length to see the words.

Reading glasses correct this problem, but many men and women find it inconvenient and frustrating to constantly have to put reading glasses on and then remove them. Fortunately, the KAMRA corneal inlay can greatly reduce your reliance on reading glasses.

What is KAMRA?

Developed by Seattle-based CorneaGen™, KAMRA is a corneal inlay that restores your near vision without affecting your distance vision. The KAMRA inlay sits in the upper layers of your cornea, where it controls and focuses the light rays that enter your eye to allow you to see close-up without reading glasses.

Am I a good candidate for KAMRA?

The best KAMRA candidates are patients in their 40s and 50s, who need reading glasses only or need distance correction as well as reading glasses. In these patients, LASIK plus KAMRA may be recommended. 

Most KAMRA candidates have fair-to-good distance vision but are frustrated with their near-vision focusing problems. If KAMRA sounds like it might be right for you, the next step is an evaluation by your Cohen Laser & Vision Center ophthalmologist. If KAMRA’s the best choice for your vision correction, you could enjoy vastly improved reading vision very quickly. 

What is recovery after a KAMRA procedure like?

Most patients return to full, normal activity in just 2-3 days after getting their KAMRA implant. Within a week, you might already notice improved reading vision, although the change may be more gradual. Within 3-6 months, your vision will stabilize and you’ll finally be free of constant reading glasses wear.

To learn more about how KAMRA corneal inlays can restore your reading vision, schedule an appointment online or call Cohen Laser & Vision Center today.