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Eyelid Surgery Specialist

Cohen Laser & Vision Center

Board-Certified Refractive Surgery Specialists in South Florida

Blepharoplasty, better known as eyelid surgery, is a common ophthalmology surgery done for both cosmetic and functional reasons. At Cohen Laser & Vision Center in Boca Raton, Florida, skilled ophthalmologists G. Richard Cohen, MD, and Joshua Cohen, MD, offer eyelid surgery for both the upper and lower lids, depending on your needs and goals. To discuss your options for eyelid surgery, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Eyelid Surgery

What is functional eyelid surgery?

Functional eyelid surgery is a procedure that your ophthalmologist does to improve your eyelid function and vision. For example, you might need upper eyelid surgery if your upper lids droop badly enough to interfere with clear vision. If your lower eyelids turn out 'ectropion' or in 'entropion' you may have watering or irritated eyes. This is another problem that functional eyelid surgery can fix.

If you have severe upper or lower eyelid sagging, you could also develop skin irritation from excess skin rubbing together. This is another problem that functional eyelid surgery can fix.

What is cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery includes the same procedures as functional eyelid surgery, but cosmetic surgery is done purely for aesthetic reasons. If you've got bags under your eyes due to droopy lower eyelids, or if your upper eyelids are sagging with age, cosmetic eyelid surgery might be a great option. 

What is the eyelid surgery process like?

The exact process depends on which eyelids need correction, but both lower and upper eyelid surgeries focus on tightening the skin.

Upper eyelid surgery

For upper eyelid surgery, your Cohen Laser & Vision Center ophthalmologist makes small incisions that are well concealed in the fold of your eye. This means that the small scars won't be visible when your eyes are open.

Next, your ophthalmologist removes excess skin, along with some muscle and fat, in the area above your eye. After repositioning the skin, your ophthalmologist makes tiny sutures or uses surgical glue to close the incision. The ultimate effect is a lifted, more youthful look with no drooping lids.

Lower eyelid surgery

For lower eyelid surgery, the incision is either along the border of your lower lashes or inside your lower eyelid. Your ophthalmologist removes excess skin, fat, or both to improve the tightness and appearance of the under-eye area.

As with upper eyelid surgery, your ophthalmologist closes incisions with tiny sutures or surgical glue. The scars are either invisible (on the inside of your eyelid) or well concealed in your lower lash line.

Many patients opt for both upper and lower eyelid surgery, and it’s easiest to schedule both procedures at the same time. After your eyelid surgery, it generally takes around 10-14 days to heal, and around a month to see your full results.

To learn more about eyelid surgery, call the Cohen Laser & Vision Center office or book your consultation online today. The practice serves those in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach, and all of Palm Beach County.